We offer schools FREE performing arts workshops for kids

FREE to all UK schools

For kids off any ability

Tailored for ages 3-18

Yet, for many schools, it’s simply not possible to provide quality opportunities for kids when it comes to sining, dancing and acting.

That’s where we come in…

Class Act is a FREE partnership program for schools that offers kids rewarding experiences in theatrical performance arts and music.

It’s a fantastic way to bolster your school’s offering to kids and parents; as well as genuinely impacting youngsters by developing skills which will last a lifetime

We’ll “take over” a space in your school with a dedicated Make Believe pop-up, where we’ll hold performing arts classes at convenient times.

We’ll help you promote and market the activity, so kids and parents are aware of the initiative and feel excited to participate.

Over 12 weeks, our teachers will introduce kids to the exciting world of singing, dancing and acing.

We’ll cover many different styles, giving students the opportunity to experience a broad range of dance moves, lyrical techniques, and acting methodologies.

At the end of the 12-week block, kids will be invited to audition for the chance to win a FREE pass to one of our local Make Believe Performing Arts Schools.

Here, they’ll be able to develop their newfound skills even more, and have the opportunity to get involved with larger scale productions.

If you would like to make performing arts feature more permanently at your school, we can work with you to make it happen.

Enhance your school’s curriculum

Flexible tuition options

Produce live events

Shared revenue opportunities

Tra La La !

Jenny found her voice

when she joined Class Act


Here’s how it works:

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Through Class Act, Clare found confidence to perform on the big stage.

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Iain Millar, Headteacher