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At Make Believe Stevenage we aim to create an environment where children between three and 18 can improve their confidence, social skills and creativity through the art of singing, acting and dancing. This incredible school is continuing to develop on its already fantastic foundations. It’s a place where everyone feels included, everyone has a voice and most importantly everyone has FUN, whilst participating in performing arts. Through having dedicated, highly skilled and passionate teachers, we provide all children with the best possible tools and opportunities to grow as individuals, build new skills, make new friends and to be a part of something special. Whatever your dreams or ambitions are, we believe that anything is possible, irrelevant of your age and we can’t wait to be a part of your journey! **Your kids free trial is just a button click away** We can’t wait to meet you!

Longmeadow Primary School, Oaks Cross, Broadwater, Hertfordshire, Stevenage, SG2 8LT

What We Do

Welcome to the happiest place ever! Make Believe is the UK’s most exciting performing arts company! A place where young people learn to sing, act and dance, realise their potential dreams and aspirations, whatever their level or ability; a place where students flourish, make friends, have fun and learn skills for life.

Thousands of young people have been a part of the Make Believe journey and we’d love you to join them.

Meet Your Principal

Hannah Tucker

Welcome to Make Believe Stevenage, your new local performing arts school, where confidence and self esteem are at the heart of everything we do. As a teacher and mum of two, I know both professionally and personally the importance of building a safe and happy environment to allow children to thrive. We at Make Believe only choose outstanding teachers, lesson plans and discipline techniques for your child. This is a place where your child can learn to sing, act and dance, realise their potential dreams and aspirations, whatever their level or ability. Classes are always fun, exciting and packed with learning new invaluable skills. If this is something which your child would love, come down for a free trial and see what Make Believe Stevenage is all about!

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